Web Development

We are one of the leading and highly acclaimed brand in developing some of the most elaborative, yet user-friendly solutions in the industry. Our renowned technical team in Toronto has a vast experience and perception of relevant practices, coding, markup and style languages.  We develop a customer-centric experience by analyzing harmonious options for the perfect result. We provide you with a peerless and most favourable solution by using the latest and innovative technology and integrating our experience with your vision. We provide you with appropriate training and support after your project is accomplished.

  • Our validating process helps to deal and handle the clients in an appropriate manner.
  • We develop fully functional and efficiency-centric websites.
  • Our team of hardworking and diligent experts will assist you in developing a website that boosts your business virtually.

Cross-browser and cross-device compatibility driven by mobile responsiveness all under one roof.
Starting from basic website designs, including CMS and online store building to highly complex business website apps and design solutions, we will customize the best of web development solutions for you.

WordPress Development

We have a team of best-dedicated coders, programmers, highly talented designers and innovators who know how to develop a WordPress website that will make your business stand out. We make a complete website with plugin development, WordPress theme development and all kind of other features.

Our WordPress Services

We can develop any kind of WordPress website that will help your business in enjoying success and growth.


    • WordPress theme customization
    • Responsive Layouts
    • Customized Plugin Development
    • Secure WordPress Development
    • ordPress Website Maintenance
    • Website Optimization Services

Plugins Development

We develop custom WordPress plugins that are built using industry standard coding practices.

Themes Development

Get a custom WordPress theme developed or let us help you customize your existing premium themes.


Get a custom WordPress developed or let us help you customize your existing premium themes.


We develop custom WordPress plugins that are built using industry standard coding practices.


Get a website that is optimized with speed and provides easy navigation only with Portalnet.


All our websites are fully responsive to all screen sizes and most common devices.

Website Optimization Services

Get a website that is optimized with speed and provides easy navigation.

Responsive Web Design

All the sites we develop are responsive. However if you have a website and would like us to make your site responsive we can certainly do so.

Web Site Maintenance

Allow us to maintain you site. Our Maintenance services include:


  • Plugin update
  • Theme update
  • deleting insecure content
  • bug fixes
  • site backup
  • changing content 
  • rewriting a page 
  • Changing site structure


we use innovative thinking and time-tested strategies to deliver high-performance eCommerce website development solutions that deliver on customer and business needs and boost sales.

Scalable, Mobile-Responsive, And High-Performance Ecommerce Websites

A successful eCommerce website needs to offer top-notch user experience, has all the features for users to know the product features that will aid the user’s decision to purchase. So, an online store with slow speed, confusing user interface, or missing crucial features will result in lost sales. Whether you are building a brand-new online store or looking to make changes or upgrades, our team has a solution that can fit your needs.




Scalable & Functional Ecommerce Development Services That Sell

We partner with our clients to deliver a highly functional eCommerce website that drives more sales, is easy to manage, mobile-friendly, SEO ready, and scalable when you are ready to grow. The eCommerce development experts at Portalnet specialize in building online stores with the following technologies:

Shopify Development

Work with Shopify Partners. We help create your online store with this popular & flexible eCommerce platform.


WooCommerce is a popular open-source shopping cart solution. With flexible architecture, an abundance of features & plug-ins, it’s is one of the most popular platforms.

Magento Development

Robust, enterprise-level features, designed for high-performance are some of the qualities make Magento one of the most popular eCommerce platform.

Open Cart Development

OpenCart is a feature-rich, popular eCommerce solution with the right mix of features and performance.

What is the cost of new ecommerce?.

It is the number one question we received from our clients, and the quick answer is- it depends. The design & functionality requirements for eCommerce website design projects can vary widely from business to business based on the industry and goals. Once we start discussing the project, we will collect information about the business requirements and goals and thus prepare the quote for the project.

Which Shopping car solutions is best for my business?.

The choice of the shopping cart will depend on the size, scale, and features wishlist. We work with a variety of shopping cart solutions such as Shopify, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento. If you are setting up a new online store or have a limited inventory, we would suggest going for WooCommerce or Shopify.

However, if you have intermediate to a vast catalog, we would recommend going for OpenCart or Magento. You can discuss with our eCommerce development expert the recommendations for the RIGHT shopping cart for your project.

Will I be able to manage everyday function of an online store?.

Yes. Your eCommerce website will come with a comprehensive dashboard with tools and features to manage the products, orders, customers, and much more. On completion of the project, we will provide a training session to help you navigate and manage your online store.

Like all other clients, you will feel confident to operate your online store on your own. However, if you have any questions or need additional help, we always remain available for you.

Do you maintain online store?.

Yes, absolutely. Many of our customers choose to work with our team for ongoing maintenance and upkeep for the online store. Our team supports various tasks as managing the products and content regularly. 

Will my online store be mobile friendly?.

With more two third online traffic stemming from mobile devices, mobile-responsiveness is at the core of eCommerce we create. We thoroughly QA each website on a variety of mobile devices to ensure your online store looks great on every device.

Will you help me with product uploading to the site ?.

Yes, of course! To upload the products to your online store, we will provide the Spreadsheet template to enter all details for the different products. You can send back the completed spreadsheet along with the product pictures and we will upload it to your online store. However, if you like us to collect the information from the provider website or manually enter the products to the online store, you can contact us for a custom quote for you.

Can you manage my eCommerce store?.

Yes, we can help. You can choose our website maintenance services for occasional updates or sign-up for ongoing plans. 

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