Search Engine Marketing

80%-90% percent of consumers now use search engines to research products before buying them, but only 10% look past the first page. To have a chance at reaching your target market, you need your website on the front page of search engines. Search engine advertisements (also known as PPC ads) do just that; placing your ads on the top of search results, right where consumers are looking! Search engine ads connect your business to consumers who are looking for your products or services, at the exact moment they are looking for them.

What about when consumers aren’t searching for solutions on search engines? How do you reach them? That’s where display advertising comes in. Display advertisements are image, video, text or rich media ads that display on a network of over 2 million different websites and mobile applications. Have your ads seen by thousands of people in your key demographic, or target people that have already been to your website and close them with an offer they can’t resist!

Search Engine Advertising Services

Our low monthly management fees start at $150 per month, on a month to month basis. No contracts, no minimum spend. All of our PPC advertising packages include:

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Your business is unique. We build your ad campaigns to target your ideal consumer using the keywords that are most profitable to your business.

Campaign Optimization

We constantly monitor your ad campaigns and search for ways to improve them. This ongoing optimization means that you will spend less while bringing in more leads.


Monthly Reviews

Once per month, we will review your campaign with you. During this review, changes can be made to the campaign. We also provide you with a report showing you what you’re getting for your money.