Website Maintenance

Need professional & affordable website maintenance services in Toronto?

We help businesses keep their websites updated with regular content, security, Plugins, and website backups so you can focus on running your business.Whether your website runs on WordPress, Shopify, Magento or any other CMS, we keep you worry-free with regular content, security and website software updates, and backups. Secure peace of mind with our website maintenance services, and you will never have to worry about hacking, virus, or regular updates.

Why Do I Need Website Maintenance?

Running on WordPress CMS or any other platform, your website occasionally needs updates to add new information about your products/services, update the software or plugin and theme to ensure your website is secure and error-free. With regular website maintenance, we help keep your website healthy and error-free but also save money. Select a suitable website maintenance package so you can focus on growing your business. Not maintaining the site will cause poor customer experience or it may become prone to viruses.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important For Your Website (And Your Business)?

Keeping it updated

Always provide correct & updated information about your products, services & company news to your customers. Our website maintenance service keeps your website updated so your customers always get the latest information.


Technology is changing quickly, as a result, your website may develop errors before you know it. With a website maintenance plan, we regularly scan your website & fix the errors as these appear.

WordPress Maintenance

If you don’t update your WordPress website software & plug-ins when new updates are available, your website will develop errors & security holes. With our WordPress maintenance services, we apply updates to the core engine, plug-ins, and themes as soon as it’s available.


Your website software needs regular security audit to ensure a safe website. Our website maintenance service includes regular monitoring and applying relevant patches to your website to ensure it’s always secure.

Website Backup

Enjoy free, built-in regular website backup service with a website maintenance plan. We regularly backup & store it at a secure offline location. So, if anything goes wrong with your server, we can bring your website back online quickly.

Professional, On-demand Service

We are your IT team. With an email or quick phone call, you can be confident that the changes will be done accurately and promptly.

Keep your website protected & up to date with our website maintenance package